Amália e Rui Valentim de Carvalho

6 October, 2009 to 7 February, 2010


Photographic Exhibition Amália e Rui Valentim de Carvalho

In his own shy and discrete way, Rui met Amália in 1948. He had always been touched by her voice. When he met her, talked to her, and admired her beauty and talent, he became her greatest fan. Her editor. He was the everlasting friend who stood by her until the end.
September de 2009, Maria Nobre Franco

This photographic exhibition illustrates the complicity between Amália Rodrigues and her editor Rui Valentim de Carvalho, a crucial partnership for the construction of a vast and wonderful discographic legacy.

This exhibition is part of the cycle Amália 2009, a celebration of the life and work of the singer, by the time of the tenth anniversary of the death of Amália Rodrigues.

From October 6th 2009 to February 7th 2010

Photo: José Frade | Museu do Fado