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A Portuguese Guitar Concert Pedro de Castro invites Bernardo Couto and Luís Guerreiro

December 9th . 9pm . CCB . Há Fado no Cais

Margarida Live at CCB

Feb 19 . 9pm . Cultural Centre of Belém | Há Fado no Cais
Fado is meant to be felt,
not understood,
or explained.
- Amália Rodrigues

An interactive museum to see, hear and feel Fado - Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Discover centuries of history and personalities that still reinvent and keep this heritage alive today. Visit us.

Get to know who sings, who plays and the history that unites all of us.

Personality of the Week
Cuca Roseta

2 December, 1981


She began to sing, timidly. Once, a special listener recognized the truth in her voice; a truth she was beginning to express. It was Carlos Zel who insisted: “You have to learn more fados”. She promised she would do it.

Sheet Music Pieces from Maria Vitória


Fado Guide
Fado in the Streets of Lisbon
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