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RTP 1 | May 2nd | 2.15pm

Fique em Casa... de Fados

Musical Documentary

May 2nd . 2.15pm . RTP 1

Coproduction: CML- Egeac|Museu do Fado, RTP e Zerkalo

For a fado singer, it all starts at Casa de Fados. It is there that he receives the teachings of the elder singers. It is there that he learns to know the poetic repertoires, the melodies and the legacy of the great pillars of the fadista tradition. It is there that he grows, as an artist, to integrate, in his own name, a collective heritage that has a history of approximately two centuries and is still, today, in the 21st century, as a living and universal heritage.


In this musical documentary we take the magic of fado houses to the streets. In front of these iconic cultural venues of Lisbon, 12 fado singers, representing those same places, take this Intangible World Heritage to all Portuguese.


This tour starts at Mesa de Frades and continues through different neighbourhoods of Lisbon with Adega Machado, A Parrerinha de Alfama, A Severa, Adega Machado, Café Luso, Casa de Linhares, Clube de Fado, Maria da Mouraria, O Faia, Páteo de Alfama e Senhor Vinho and finishes at the Fado Museum. 

This saturday, at 2.15pm, on RTP1.