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António Vasco Moraes

(N. 12 October, 1970)

António was born in Lisbon, where he started singing fado at the age of 18, still as an amateur.

António Vasco Moaraes was part of the fixed cast of several restaurants with emphasis on "São Caetano" (1992), "Velho Pátio de Santana" (1993/94), "Taverna do Embuçado" (1995/96), "Grand Tasca" (2002), "Museu do Fado" (2007) and "Mesa de Frades "(2008). He also sang in one of the most prestigious fado houses in the country, Clube de Fado, in Alfama.

He was invited to be part of the show “Fados” by Ricardo Pais, a production within the scope of Lisbon 94 - European Capital of Culture.

In January 2003, he debuted as a singer/actor in the role of Amália's first husband in the musical “Amália” by Filipe La Féria. With this musical he performed in the Coliseu dos Recreios and did a two week tour through several cities in France and Switzerland.

In 2004, alongside Ana Sofia Varela, Pilar Homem de Melo and Maria João Quadros, he was the protagonist of the musical show “Casa de Fado” by Tiago Torres da Silva, on stage at Teatro Villaret, in Lisbon. In 2004, he was also invited by ICEP to participate and coordinate an action to promote Portugal among the European countries qualified for Euro 2004, singing alongside Katia Guerreiro.

The Cultural Center of Belém, Teatro da Trindade and São Luíz are just some of the other most important venues where he has performed in Portugal.

Abroad, he performed in Marseille (Festival Marseille Mediterranèe), Macau (1995), Stuttgart (1996), Madrid (every year between 1998 and 2007), in Brazil (Piauí) in 2006 and in Algeria in 2008 and 2009.

At the invitation of Turismo de Portugal, and integrating the project “Casa de Fados”, he performed in Berlin in March 2009 together with Ana Sofia Varela and Ricardo Ribeiro.

In 2011, he released his debut CD in his own name. "Saudade" features musicians José Pracana, Dinis Lavos, Jaime Santos, João Penedo, Filipe de Brito, Ernesto Leite, Tércio Borges and Gabriel Godói. In June 2012, he was one of the 4 members of the cast who composed the show "Casa de Fados" that performed at the Theaters del Canal, integrated in the 2nd Fado festival in Madrid.

In 2016 he edited "Silêncio", presented at the Fado Museum and which is the culmination of António's love and respect for Traditional Fado.

During the last few years she sang a little throughout the country and abroad alongside names like Carlos Zel, Maria da Fé, Tereza Tarouca, Vicente and José da Câmara, Teresa Siqueira, João Ferreira Rosa, Maria da Nazaré, João Braga, Mafalda Arnauth and Camané, among many others.



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António Vasco Moraes