Zé Maria


With a melodious and well-timbred voice, Zé Maria's Fado is simultaneously contemporary and traditional, versatile but always faithful to the truth of the words he sings. In his self-titled debut album, he shows that Fado does not have to be tragic or desperate and that, even in sadness, it is possible to find beauty.

Published by the Fado Museum, “Zé Maria” has original themes signed by Carminho, Mário Pacheco, Pedro de Castro, Tiago Torres da Silva and himself. The musical production is by Pedro de Castro, who also accompanies Zé Maria on the Portuguese guitar. João Filipe on the fado viola and Francisco Gaspar on the bass guitar complete the ensemble.

Zé Maria was born and raised in Lisbon, in a family where he had early contact with Fado and the Arts, becoming an artist of various expressions. Today, while Painting fills her days, her nights are spent singing.