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Manuel João Vieira

Anatomia do Fado


"Choosing the songs was the most difficult and I confess that I ended up putting more songs. On top of that I also decided to record some original fados, which would be for a sentimental record and which have more melancholic lyrics, which in turn made me introduce also two or three traditional sentimental fados. The only advantage of this double record is that you can drive from Lisbon to Bragança always listening to the same record. The disadvantage is the same. However, I chose not to include some porn fados from the 70s that I sing in the shows because otherwise one would go to Bragança and come back and because I preferred to make a record practically without the words that do not appear on the radio, which is a novelty for me. I had a fit of aphonia, angina, cough and hoarseness while recording the album, so the voice may not be in a crystalline state, apart from the song "Freira" and "Fado Anarquista", which were recorded live. I would like to highlight the patience and work of the musicians who accompanied me - Vital da Assunção on the classic guitar, Arménio de Melo on the portuguese guitar, except for some very well recorded themes by Sandro Costa and, on the acoustic bass, Múcio de Sá. I also had the great honor of being assisted in the mixes by the great sound technician José Fortes, in his fabulous mobile studio, in Vilar. "

Manuel João Vieira