27 March, 2010



On March 26, 2010 the auditorium of the Fado Museum opened its doors to host "Mourarias", the concert by Pedro Jóia and Ricardo Ribeiro. Pedro Joia is a guitarist with a background in classical guitar and flamenco guitar and has edited five albums, two of which were dedicated to fado. Ricardo Ribeiro is one of the most outstanding new generation of fado singers and their voice with the guitar of Pedro Jóia captivated the audience in a sold-out concert.

"Pedro Jóia's guitar becomes a conductor of a musical language that wanders between flamenco and fado, bringing to contemporarity without prejudice, the affinities of a secular expression Iberian common. Ricardo Ribeiro, the new generation singer, his singing also works with these references. The Portuguese soul coexists with the claw Castilian giving rise to a unique sound and expression. In this show, the space usually filled by guitars is shared with the voice, the instrumental content Flamenco / Fado summon the word and and turn Iberian songs from Lisbon.

Luís Varatojo