21 May, 2010

Carlos do Carmo, 100 Canções - Uma Vida


On the last May 21st the Museu do Fado opened the exhibit Carlos do Carmos 100 Canções - Uma Vida, supporting the edition of the first extensive collection of Carlos do Carmo repertoires.

To commemorate the launching of this collection, an exclusive edition of Público newspaper and Universal Company, Carlos do Carmo saluted the attending audience with an interpretation of some of his most famous hits that made part of the chosen repertoire for the 10 volumes under the titles: Os Poetas, Lisboa, Os Compositores, À Guitarra e À Viola, Os Fados Tradicionais, Com Orquestras, Outros “Fados”, Internacional, Ary por Carlos do Carmo e Ao Vivo no Casino Estoril.