1 March, 2010

Argentina Santos - Não Sei Se Canto Se Rezo


On the past February 27th, the Museu do Fado opened a biographical exhibition about Argentina Santos. Under the title Argentina Santos - Não Sei Se Canto Se Rezo, the temporary exhibition gathers numerous objects and memories that illustrate the fadista’s artistic life, intimately linked to the house of fado A Parreirinha de Alfama.

Besides photos, press articles, discography, posters and show dresses of the fadista's own collection, the exhibition is enriched with excerpts of footage from performances and interviews collected in the archives of RTP and of the museum.

The exhibition inauguration featured the performances of the fadistas Ricardo Ribeiro, Ana Sofia Varela and Carlos do Carmo that saluted Argentina Santos with recognized musical interpretations and testimonies. Dr. António Costa, the Mayor of Lisbon, announced a show in tribute to the singer at the Teatro São Luiz in the next July 2nd, where he will present her with the gold medal of the city, a testimony of Lisbon’s recognition for Argentina Santos’ career.

A deeply emotional Argentina Santos ended the presentation with a heartfelt interpretation of her fado “Vida Vivida”.