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Sculptures From My Fado

15 June, 2013 to 31 July, 2013


The Fado Museum promoted, in June 2013, the temporary exhibition "Sculptures from my Fado", by Cristina Maria. The works of the artist were on display in the Museum but also in the fado restaurants Adega Machado, Casa de Linhares - Bacalhau de Molho and Clube de Fado.

The works by Cristina Maria reflect a clear balance of identities: the sculpture creator, master in artistic stonemasonry, Cristina Maria Ferreira, and the Fado singer Cristina Maria. Her art is therefore double.

Her soul is fulfilled by the communication and expression of both arts. On stage her voice emerges along with her sculpture, in a shared communion of emotions, wisdom, and wishes.


"Esculturas do Meu Fado/ Sculptures From My Fado é is therefore a sincere tribute. A tribute to Fado, the source of all inspiration, a school of life, a pier of dreams, and the matter that is transformed by her own voice and her hands. The goal of this exhibition is to show what Cristina Maria feels while she sings, and what the sculptress feels while she creates. Expression itself arises from the stone’s inert nature and invites us to see and to listen – because the stone also... sings."

Sérgio Barroso


“ Where the Arts Intertwine in One Single Feeling...”

Cristina Maria


Sculptures from my Fado | Museu do Fado

Sculptures from my Fado | Museu do Fado

Sculptures from my Fado | Museu do Fado

Sculptures from my Fado | Museu do Fado