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Gisela João

Gisela João is a well kept secret.
The Museu do fado and HM Música give you the chance to know this new voice of Fado, on December 17, 2010, at 9:00pm.

Museu do Fado Auditorium.
Free admission to the limit of seats available.

Gisela João

Born in Barcelos where began her career at a local House of Fado.
She moved to Porto to try her career with some of the most prestigious musicians of the Northern Portuguese Capital.

She is one of the latest fadistas in the new generation of fado, that has arisen over the past five years, but already has some gigs in Portugal such as the Book Fair of Porto and some festivals and cycles of Fado that have been emerging. Made some trips abroad to Spain (Oviedo), Italy (Rome and Milan), Poland (Warsaw), China (Macau), Romania (Bucharest) and Netherlands (Amsterdam), where she will return in April 2011 for a tour in several cities.

Gisela João has just been hired by Maria da Fé to join the cast of the House of Fado Sr. Vinho.

Voice: Gisela João
Portuguese Guitar: Ricardo Parreira
Fado Guitar: Pedro Soares
Bass: Gustavo Roriz