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Fado Marialva

Presentation of the book Fado Marialva, at the Museu do Fado Auditorium

April 22, 7:00 pm

Vicente da Câmara presents the book Fado Marialva, authored by Antonio Manuel de Moraes. With a preface by the singer, this book comprises an extensive survey of hundreds of fados tied to the theme of Festa Brava, contextualizing the biographies of authors, composers, performers, musicians and personalities of bullfighting.

Researcher and author of fado poems, António Manuel de Moraes has developed a research within the themes linked to the popular traditions, bringing out the themes of the feast, fado, bullfighting and associations, among others.
Of his work stand out the studies A Praça de Toiros de LisboaCampo Pequeno (1992), Fado e Tauromaquia do Séc. XIX (2003) as well as the work Fadário (2008) a collection of poems of his own recorded on CD by artists of the new generations.