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Maria Ana Bobone

(N. 5 December, 1974)

Maria Ana Bobone was born 1974 in Oporto. She began piano studies at age 7, and at age 12 she entered the National Conservatory, from where she graduated in piano and singing. Separately, she took a degree in journalism in the Lisbon Catholic University. With this background, inevitably she began singing in public, both in church choirs and private parties, and it was in one of these occasions that Fado singer João Braga met her and challenged her to sing Fado.

Maria Ana Bobone's debut recordings as a Fado singer were issued in 1994 in "Alma Nova", an album shared with fellow debutants Miguel Capucho and Rodrigo da Costa Félix. Her second recording was as singer for a project created by Portuguese guitar virtuoso Ricardo Rocha and classically-trained pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva. In "Luz Destino", released by the American audiophile independent label M. A. Recordings, Maria Ana Bobone was the only singer, and Fado wore different, unusual clothings, arranged by Ricardo Rocha and coloured by Mário Franco's double bass.

In "Luz Destino" Maria Ana Bobone was the perfect vocal foil for the project's creators, in the follow-up release "Senhora da Lapa" her voice was the inspiration for their enthusiastic compositions and performances. The quality of both albums was heartily acknowledged by the press. Additionally, she was also nominated for the "Globos de Ouro" television audience awards as "Best Fado Singer" in 1997.

Maria Ana Bobone performed extensively both in Portugal and abroad, with a number of concerts in Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, France, United States, Italy, Netherlands... She has also performed in several tribute concerts to Fado diva Amália Rodrigues, and in the commemorative show of Pope John Paul II's 25th anniversary as Pontiff, in front of an audience of over 40,000, and has graced the prestigious Music Festivals of Capuchos (Sintra, Portugal, 1999) and Ancona (Italy, 2001).

Her five contributions to the collective album "100 Anos de Fado vol. 2" were also very well received, and in 2002 she presented a 13-episode TV series on Fado at state channel RTP-1, featuring a number of distinguished guests and lively performances of classic Fado repertoire along her own.

However, it was only between 2004 and 2005 that Maria Ana Bobone finally recorded her true solo debut. "Nome de Mar", recorded "live in the studio" at the Graça church in Lisbon, was released in January 2006 and was produced by Ricardo Rocha, featuring a combination of classic Fado repertoire with original compositions which she has been presenting live since.

HEr second album "Fado & Piano" (2012) is followed by "Smooth" (2014), in a more jazzy trend.

In 2019, Maria Ana Bobone opened the Lisboa na Rua festival, a proposal by EGEAC and the Fado Museum.



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Maria Ana Bobone

Maria Ana Bobone

Maria Ana Bobone

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