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João Linhares Barbosa

(N. 15 July, 1893 - M. 19 August, 1965)

João Linhares Barbosa was born on the 15 July 1893 in Lisbon, at the Ajuda district, where he always lived.

A key figure in the Fado universe, his extant poetic work consists of roughly 3,000 verses. His lifetime struggle on behalf of Fado – namely of its settings and protagonists, together with his huge poetic talent, granted him the epithet “Prince of Poets”. He was one of the most important Popular Fado Poets.

A self-taught poet he remained active until the year of his death, in 1965. João Linhares Barbosa saw his first verses published on newspaper “A Voz do Operário”, when he was only 14 years-old.

Later on he was professionally active as turner until he founded his own newspaper, “Guitarra de Portugal”, precisely on his 29th birthday, on the 15 July 1922. This periodical magazine soon became one of the most iconic titles of a fado-specialised press which bloomed after 1910.

In the first days of Guitarra de Portugal, João Linhares Barbosa relied on the collaboration of his friends – and also popular poets, Domingos Serpa and Martinho d' Assunção (father). On the pages of “Guitarra de Portugal” João Linhares Barbosa stood in the defence of Fado, poets and fado singers for many years, against the attacks of a group of Fado detractors whose leading voice was Luiz Moita, famous author of “O Fado, Canção de Vencidos”.

In addition to his vast poetic work, João Linhares Barbosa developed an important activity for rehabilitating the Fado and dignifying the career of fado singers.



Data handed by Mr. Francisco Mendes.

João Linhares Barbosa, s/d.

João Linhares Barbosa, Berta Cardoso, Alfredo Marceneiro Faia, década de 1950

João Linhares Barbosa, s/d.

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