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Florinda Maria

(N. 25 July, 1937)

Florinda Maria was born in Alto do Pina, Lisbon, and moved to Almada at age 10. She had such a wonderful voice that her neighbours encouraged her to sing, and she starts appearing every Sunday at "Retiro do Pancão", a meeting point where many artists would gather.

Even before her professionalization, at "Nau Catrineta", in Alfama, she established what would be an outstanding career.

With the support of Anita Guerreiro, in July 1955 at Salão Luso Florinda Maria wins - ex-aequo with Julieta Estrela – the "Rainha das Cantadeiras" competition for “diction and popularity” organised by the newspaper "A Voz de Portugal". Following this victory and with the sponsorship of Isabel de Oliveira, Florinda joins the cast of "Café Luso". Later on she works at "Luso", "Adega Mesquita", "A Severa", "Solar da Hermínia" "A Tipóia", "Lisboa à Noite", and "Adega Machado". She also appeared in many other fado houses (casas de fado) in Lisbon and in Porto.

She records with Alvorada and Rapsódia, and appears on some TV shows with Artur Pereira.

Linhares Barbosa and Carlos Conde wrote most of her repertoire.

With her husband’s death Florinda decides to step away from the artistic life but keeps on visiting her old friends.



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Florinda Maria, s/d.

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