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(N. 20 August, 1984)

Carminho is one of the greatest voices of fado and one of the Portuguese artists with the greatest international projection.

Carminho was born in the midst of guitars and fado voices, daughter of renowned fado singer Teresa Siqueira, and she debuted singing in public at the age of twelve, at the Coliseu. Fado was always so present that she never thought it could be her profession. During college she sang in Fado houses, there were several proposals to record but she decided to wait. She graduated in Marketing and Advertising and realized that singing required a maturity and a world that she didn't yet have.

For a year she traveled the world, participated in humanitarian missions and returned to Lisbon, determined to dedicate herself entirely to an artistic path.

“Fado”, her first album, was released in 2009, which became one of the most acclaimed albums of the year and decade. It reaches platinum - an enviable result for a debut - and sees "Fado" open the hearts of Portugal to his voice, and the doors of the world to her talent: best album of 2011 for the British magazine "Songlines", performances in the main European capitals, at Womex 2011 in Copenhagen and at UNESCO's Parisian headquarters as part of Fado's candidacy for world heritage.

In the same year, she collaborated with Pablo Alborán on “Perdoname” and became the first Portuguese artist to reach number 1 on the Spanish top. In 2012, the second album, “ALMA”, debuts in the first place of sales in Portugal and reaches prominent positions in several international charts. After visiting the main theaters in Europe and the world, in countries such as Finland, Sweden, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, China, India, Latvia, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, Poland, France, Austria, Denmark, among many others, she also works in Brazil and fulfills the dream of recording with Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque and Nana Caymmi, which results in a reissue of “Alma” with three new themes. Carminho thus begins to conquer Brazil, with sold-out concerts in Rio de Janeiro and all over the country.

In 2013, Carminho established herself as one of the most international Portuguese artists, taking her voice to the four corners of the world, while being distinguished in Portugal with a Golden Globe and the Carlos Paredes Award, seeing both of her albums achieve the double platinum mark.

At the end of 2014, she edits “Canto”, and her relationship with Brazil takes on even deeper roots, with the first partnership between Caetano Veloso and his youngest son Tom, who offer him the unprecedented “O Sol, Eu e Tu”. “Canto” also includes a duet with Marisa Monte and guest appearances by Jaques Morelenbaum, António Serrano, Carlinhos Brown, Javier Limón, Naná Vasconcelos, Dadi Carvalho, Jorge Hélder and Lula Galvão.

In 2016, following an invitation addressed by the family of one of the greatest composers in the world, she recorded “Carminho canta Tom Jobim”, with the last band that accompanied him live in his last ten years, sharing themes with Marisa Monte, Chico Buarque and Maria Bethânia. “Carminho sings Tom Jobim” is already platinum and with this album Carminho is awarded the Golden Globe for best performer.

After the great success achieved with the album “Carminho Canta Jobim”, the Portuguese singer, considered one of the greatest interpreters in the history of our music, released in 2018 a new album of originals: “Maria” is the title that she chose for her new album, the fifth of her career and the most personal ever. An album where she signs the production and includes several songs written by her. A truly exciting record.

"Maria" is a constant dialogue, always in tune with respect for everything that Carminho learned directly from her fado roots, respecting the truth of words and traditional language, but at the same time with a free and contemporary look at the world that inspires her, reinterpreting a lot of what she learned from fado since she was a little girl.

Her entire career has revealed in Carminho an artist of firm and thoughtful decisions, who never forgets her origins, who carries within herself a language of several centuries, but which reveals herself to be current in her generation, with her eyes on the world and in the future. It was worth the wait.




Carminho. Photo by Mariana Maltoni

Carminho. CCB Concert, 2021. Photo by José Frade

Carminho. CCB Concert, 2021. Photo by José Frade

Carminho. CCB Concert, 2021. Photo by José Frade

Carminho. CCB Concert, 2014. Photo by José Frade

Carminho. "Sou do Fado" Concert, 2009. Photo by Luís Carvalhal

Carminho, n.d.

  • As Pedras da Minha Rua Carminho (Eduardo Damas / Manuel Paião)