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Ângelo Freire

(N. 19 February, 1989)

Ângelo Freire is a distinguished and talented interpreter of the Portuguese guitar.

Along his route he has hundreds of concerts where he accompanied the greatest artists of the current fado, such as Ana Moura, Carlos do Carmo, Carminho, António Zambujo or Mariza. With them he played in the most prestigious venues in the world such as Olympia, Carnegie Hall, Barbican Center, Royal Albert Hall or Walt Disney Concert Hall.

When he performed in 2000, at just 12 years old, in the Grande Noite do Fado contest, he was still as an interpreter and not as an instrumentalist. He was the winner, in the younger category, and, in that same year, he also won the international contest "Bravo Bravíssimo".

He developed his talent in the fado circuits and focused more on the Portuguese guitar. In 2004 he was again distinguished at the Grande Noite do Fado, but this time in the category of Instrumentalists, and in 2012 with the Amália Rodrigues Prize, in the category of Best Guitarist.

In addition to touring the stages of the world with renowned fado singers, Ângelo Freire also performed in his own name, where he stood out as an exceptional instrumentalist and an essential name of his generation.