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Alberto Costa

(N. 8 June, 1898 - M. 1 October, 1987)

Born in Coimbra (Torres do Mondego), Alberto Costa felt attracted to Fado early in his life. He later moved to the Lisbon district of Alfama and performed Fado live for the first time in 1914. Her continued to sing at popular associations, recreational societies and charity shows. Alberto Costa became one of the most charismatic singers of his kind.

Alberto Costa was a retail employee and in the 1920’s he entered into a partnership with Agostinho Paula, as founders of Tabacaria Nacional, at number 55 Rua dos Cavaleiros, in Lisbon.

In 1927 Alberto Costa made his debut as professional singer at the fado club “Ferro de Engomar”.

Later on, in the 1930’s, he became manager of Fado house “Solar da Alegria”, where he also sang. Reference should also be made to performances at “Retiro da Severa” and “Café Mondego”.

Alberto Costa was the author of the musical scores of the following fado songs: “Fado Adelina”, “Fado Carlos Alberto”, “Fado Bragança”, “Fado Senhor da Serra”, “Fado Corridinho”, “Fado Três Tons” and “Fado Torres do Mondego”. He was also one of the first singers to have his songs recorded.

Fado singer Alberto Costa was also involved in the foundation of the Grémio Artístico dos Amigos da Fado, located in the Graça district, in Lisbon.

"On the 9 June, at the Academia Recreativa de Lisboa, in the Socorro district, a group of friends of this remarkable singer is organising a grand party in his honour. This will be an outstanding Fado event, as it is the first time such tribute is paid to him. The Alberto Costa tribute is sponsored by Guitarra de Portugal" (cf. Guitarra de Portugal, 18 June 1932)

After retiring as a Fado professional, Alberto Costa moved to Silves and opened the café “A Paulistana”.



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Alberto Costa s/d.

  • Quando o Peito Tem Saudade Carlos Zel (Maria Manuel Cid / Alberto Costa - Fado Dois Tons)

Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro, 1939