Itinerant Exhibition

28 March, 2011 to 30 April, 2011


From March 28th to April 30th, the Lisbon Town Council through EGEAC / Museu do Fado promoted the exhibition "Fado" at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Produced by the Museu do Fado, this exhibition illustrates the history of Fado since its genesis to the present, integrating a rich iconography – musical scores, posters, periodicals, photographs - illustrating the main means of consecration and mediatization of Lisbon’s urban song - from the Theatre de «Revista» (sot of vaudeville), the disc recording, the radio broadcast, the cinema, the television to the internationalization on the biggest stages of the world and the increasing affirmation of fado in the world music circuits.

Among the exposed objects are the dress used by Amália Rodrigues at the Olympia concert in1967, the original poems of Alfredo Marceneiro and Frutuoso França’s repertoires, the 78 rpm records of Amália Rodrigues, Maria Teresa de Noronha and Armandinho, the portuguese guitar of Jaime Santos, the Goya award received by Carlos do Carmo in 2008 and the BBC trophy offered to Mariza in 2003.

The exhibition texts are presented in Portuguese, English and French. The use of media is also planned along the exhibition circuit which includes projections of films and documentaries, also providing the possibility of listening to different audio recordings.