Berta Cardoso

24 June, 2006 to 22 October, 2006


On June 23 at 7.00pm, the Museu do Fado opens the exhibition about the fado singer Berta Cardoso.

Quite active in an astonishing period of fado History, she lays in a place of absolute centrality, in the inventory of her memories. As the lead figure, she lived and witnessed the great mutations in the production and promotion of the urban song, witnessing a gold period of its history, in which she played a lead role during her 55 years career.

From 1927, date of her first artistic performance, Berta Cardoso builds up a huge career wandering through theatre, cinema and leading the first moments of fado internationalization in Brazil and Africa.

The modulated tone of voice and strong, endowed with impeccable diction, her own style creased in every interpretation, the expressiveness applied to the singing, are among the attributes that earned her a place in the universe of fado in her time.

From the aristocratic halls to the typical fado houses, the Revista stage to the big screen, the art of Berta Cardoso celebrated and encouraged Lisbon over 55 years, devoting her greater voice to texts and essays of a vast universe of authors.