Acordem as Guitarras

19 April, 2013 to 31 May, 2013


The Fado Museum opened, on April 19, 2013, the temporary exhibition “Acordem as Guitarras” dedicated to Portuguese Guitar.

From the collection “Tudo Isto É…”, conceptualized and produced by Malabar, the Fado Museum exhibits 16 Portuguese guitars recreated by many artists: Siza Vieira, Ana Vidigal, Catarina Pestana, Eugénio Campos, Fabrizio Matos, Isaque Pinheiro, João Leonardo, João Vale, José Cardoso, Manuel Vieira, Marco Sousa, Miguel Januário, Nini Andrade Silva, Sara Maia, Sofia Leitão and Alexandre Farto aka Vhils.

Malabar dared to challenge 16 renowned Portuguese artists to express themselves on a different "canvas": the Portuguese Guitar. The relevance and timelessness of the theme - Fado - captures our attention and enhances our instinct to risk and surprise.

A project with critical mass that reinvents a piece of excellence, both for its artisanal production method and for its design, and bets on the recognition of a truly Portuguese icon.

The “Tudo Isto é…” product line is defined by the construction of Portuguese guitars using traditional methods. The author's collection brings together unique pieces by 16 invited artists, with total freedom of creation.