Trovas Antigas, Saudade Louca – Stories of Fado told by Carlos do Carmo

As part of the candidacy of fado to UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, RTP and EGEAC/Museu do Fado present the TV series Trovas Antigas, Saudade Louca – Stories of Fado told by Carlos do Carmo, the first audiovisual documentary on the history and heritage of fado.

Trovas Antigas, Saudade Louca runs in six episodes, covering the central themes in the history of Fado, from Roots (episode 1), Places (episode 2), Fados and Fadistas (episode 3) and the Poets (episode 4), to Guitars (episode 5) and the newer courses in Pilgrimages (episode 6).

Advocating the binding of each issue / episode to a verse of a characteristic fado from the repertoire of Carlos do Carmo, the series presents in the six episodes, an unprecedented view of the historical dimension of the universe of Fado by crossing the memories of nearly 100 years of Fado, with the sources and results of recent research.

For the first time in television history and through the voice of Carlos do Carmo, this series establishes a set of thematic crossings by the universe of Fado, reconstructing, in the six episodes set, the historical dimension of this complex and plural alive musical phenomenon, whose route was designed in dialogue with the city of it’s birth.

Broadcasts: Fridays, from September 24 at 9h00pm, in RTP

Original Screenplay: Rui Vieira Nery
Author: Carlos do Carmo, Rui Vieira Nery, José Pracna and Sara Pereira
Interviews: Nuno Lopes
Direction: Fernando Ávila
Edition: Rui Branquinho
Production: Paula Vidal

Alignment of Television programs:
Episode 1 - Roots
Nasceu assim, cresceu assim, chama-se Fado
Episode 2 – Places
Vou por Lisboa, maré nua que desagua no Rossio
Episode 3 – Fados and fadistas
Andam cantigas a bailar de boca em boca
Episode 4 – Poets
Chorai, chorai, poetas do meu país
Episode 5 – Guitars
Andam guitarras a gemer de mão em mão
Episode 6 – Pilgrimages
Fado longe, fado perto, fado distância de mim