Argentina Santos – Tribute Concert

Teatro Municipal São Luiz, July 2nd 2010
Co-Prodution SLTM / Museu do Fado

86 year old, Argentina Santos began her career at the age of 24 and has as many years of fado as Parreirinha, her own fado house.

This long career will be celebrated in a very special concert for which the singer invites her godson, Ricardo Parreira (Portuguese guitar), Diogo Clemente (guitar), José Maria de Carvalho (guitar) and Fernando Araújo Yami (acoustic bass) and also Carlos do Carmo, Celeste Rodrigues, Jorge Fernando, Maria Armanda, Raquel Tavares, Ricardo Ribeiro and Rodrigo, among others. In this tribute concert, the Gold Medal of the City of Lisbon will be awarded to her by the Mayor of Lisbon.