Há Fado no Cais

Ana Sofia Varela

Ana Sofia Varela returns to the Há Fado no Cais cycle in a concert where she recalls some of her career’s most essential and happy moments. This concert will be an opportunity to show the public what she has already recorded in the studio for her next record.

Ana Sofia Varela fell in love with fado at a very young age. Her talent and vocal ability quickly made her stand out as one of the names of the new generation of fado singers at the time. She worked with some of the biggest names in Portuguese music, recorded albums, performed in various parts of the world, and built an enviable career.

In 2010, she received the Amália award for best record, with Fados de Amor e Pecado. Ana Sofia Varela has participated in the Caixa Alfama and Caixa Ribeira festivals and was also present at the first Caixa Luanda. Despite her success, she continues to sing in fado houses, which she considers a way to maintain and learn the art of singing fado daily.


To watch live or online on the BOL platform.


Ana Sofia Varela voice

Pedro de Castro portuguese guitar

André Ramos classic guitar

Francisco Gaspar bass guitar


Musical guest

Luís Guerreiro portuguese guitar


Photography: José Frade/ EGEAC

Coproduction: Museu do Fado / Egeac e CCB




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