Teresa Câmara



Teresa Câmara, born in Lisbon, launches at the age of 31 her first solo album - Lugares. She spent her childhood surrounded by different musical genres, but someone very special instilled in her a taste for fado: her grandfather, Vicente da Câmara. At the age of 11, she made her debut singing in public and at 15 she started going to fado houses and toured the country with a fado project sung as a family.

The album is titled Lugares as a reference to the existence of different spaces, whether physical or mental, which somehow seem important to the artist, celebrating this diversity of states of mind in a reality as impermanent as the one we live in.

It is a record marked by traditional fado and includes some unpublished songs. Recorded in the middle of a pandemic, it has the accompaniment of Luís Petisca on the Portuguese guitar and Armando Figueiredo on the fado viola and bass guitar, having been produced by José da Câmara.

Lugares is edited by the Museu do Fado Discos and had the support of SPA.