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Há Fado no Cais


As usual, Camané performs in the Há Fado no Cais concert series doing a career retrospective and adding some songs from his new album, Horas Vazias, released in October 2021.

Between classics, unreleased and traditional fados, Camané performs with his usual accomplices: José Manuel Neto (Portuguese guitar), Carlos Manuel Proença (fado guitar), and Paulo Paz (double bass). The show will feature special guests João Barradas (accordion) and Ricardo Toscano (saxophone).

To watch live or online.
Live Streaming from BOL platform, until 11:59 pm on Sunday, after the concert start time.


Voice Camané

Portuguese guitar José Manuel Neto

Fado guitar Carlos Manuel Proença

Double bass Paulo Paz

Light technician Paulo Mendes

Monitor engineer Luis Delgado

Sound technician/manager Alfredo Almeida

Road manager Salvador Almeida


Accordion João Barradas

Saxophone Ricardo Toscano


Photograph: Kenton Thatcher

Co-production: Museu do Fado / Egeac e CCB